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'Fashions have done more harm than revolutions." - Victor Hugo

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Best. Quote. Ever. Hit them with the hoopskirts! It's the people's revolt of platforms! ....

Regains sanity. Sort of. I'm just the slightest bit ill from buying this semester's textbooks. Why, oh why does every single business text have to cost in excess of $85? I know how to bind books, and I've hand sewn several. It can't be that expensive to produce the shiny, oversized pieces of shit. And then, of course, a new edition comes out three months after you buy it, and the bookstore won't buy it back. I've seriously lost count of the number of times this has happened to me.

I want to kill myself, and you, o 'Macroeconomics (McConnell and Brue)' are the reason!

On a happier, but poorer, note, I bought a gorgeous poster today at my favorite art store in the Village. The owner went antiquing and found a ca 1908 corset card, which he blew up poster sized and framed. It's a bit later than this one, but it rocks, nonetheless.

I got in some good shopping today at my favorite Brooklyn boutiques; Dear Fieldbinder, Bird, Noisette, Otte, and the brand new Zoe, which is gigantic, and contains a Zac Posen skirt I am salivating over and cannot have. I was well behaved, and bought only things which were 70% off. A pair of J Brand 10" skinny jeans, marked waaaay down, a Corey Lynn Calter voluminous black mini for $39, and a couple t-shirts from American Apparel. Love that sweatshop free ethic!

Fashion wish list:

Chanel shoulder pouch bag
3.1 Phillip Lim rosette coat
Phillip Lim t-shirt rose dress
Christian Louboutin satin sandal with snake motif
Repetto ballet flats in Or Noir
Marchesa goddess gown
Anything from Erin Fetherston's Spring 2007 collection
1870s dress, attributed to Charles Frederick Worth
16th C. Venetian Courtesan gown

Now, mes amis, you see why I can't afford textbooks. I'm a fashion schizophrenic.
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