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This morning, while riding on the subway...

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"Pedicabo ego uos et irrumabo" - Catullus, Poem #16

I love reading over people's shoulders on the subway. This guy on my left is reading a pamphlet entitled "What are Sheol and Hades?" (sitting next to you with your singular lack of deoderant, buddy. -ed note.) I think I can tell you, monsieur. They are human constructs designed by the religious patriarchy to frighten you into towing the party line. Don't give them that success.

If a benevolent, supernatural God does exist, and I'm far from saying He/She doesn't, why the Machiavellian tactics? You would think people would refrain from committing acts of genocide out of simple regard for the holiness of life, yet clearly this is not the case. Either humanity is pedicabo (f--ked in the ass, loosely translated), or God has just said "blow me" to all of us down here. (irrumabo)

Catullus would so kill me.

All irreverence aside, I have to go sleep, because I'm due at the tents at Bryant Park at 7am tomorrow. It's fashion week again! I'm going to wear black leggings under my Behnaz Sarafpour (for Target! yayness!) miniskirt. This, despite the fact that it's going to be about 8 degrees. You can take the girl out of the fashion... I'm not sure, but I think I'll be working either Nanette Lepore or Carolina Herrera, as both are showing tomorrow morning.
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